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Vehicle Sourcing

Vehicle Management

Why choose GN4 Solutions?

GN4 Solutions has working relationships with main dealerships and motor manufacturers. So, no matter what the desired vehicle (new or used), budget, or availability - we are confident of locating the right vehicle for you, at the right price.

The benefit of this is that, if you are purchasing outright, then your capital outlay is kept to a minimum. Or if leasing, then the lower purchase price is factored into your monthly payment - again saving you money.

GN4 Guides

You may find our guides, on the following, of some interest when making the important decision on how to get your staff on the road.

Company Car v. Car Allowance

Current benefit-in-kind rates for company cars, and fuel allowance? (Please see pages 5 & 6)

Corporation Tax and the Company Car

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