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Business Support

Business Management

IT Networking

Although the cost of IT equipment is continually decreasing, there is still a compelling case for making the most of what a business has available. This is, of course, where networking comes into its own. And our Microsoft qualifications, and experience, prove that we can help the smaller company in this ever-increasingly important aspect of running a business.

  • Not only can physical resources be shared among users, but also applications.
  • Resources can be upgraded incrementally as required.
  • Security of information can be centralised - ensuring only those people who have a right to access certain data can do so.
  • Data integrity can be maintained, by having single copies of data held on a server, which all appropriate users can access under a discipline imposed by the operating system.
  • Data can be backed up centrally, to ensure recoverability.

Systems Building

It is said that most businesses never reach their full potential because the owners spend too much time doing the work, rather than managing and growing their ventures.

Answer? To create a systematised way of doing things. Build systems to run the business, and then get people to run the systems. As a result:

  • You don't personally have to always be involved in task completion
  • It empowers your team members
  • You develop "the way we do it here"

This last point is most important, because developing systems and processes, and documenting them for team member training, ensures that the business runs:

  • Smoothly
  • Consistently
  • Effectively
  • Without you!

Creating "the way we do it here" also makes your business worth more - because, if you ever came to sell, the business would still function independently of your being there.

And there's more ...

We are also able to offer other support services such as assistance with business plans, financial forecasting, web-filing forms at Companies House, Microsoft Office training, data entry/ database building, and (copy or audio) typing. Please ask for details.

This package offers a comprehensive array of services, as required, at an agreed daily rate, and includes:

  • Business planning
  • Cashflow forecasting/budgeting
  • Training
  • Systems building
  • IT networking
  • Returns filing
  • Office support

Need more? For accounting..
payroll ...

Interested in taking things further?

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