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Business Management

Computerised book-keeping, management information ... and the VAT return

How would it be if no-one kept score at a cricket match? And the result was only known after both sides had completed their innings - each batsman being asked at the end how many runs they had scored, so that a team total could be computed. It would be farcical. Without knowing DURING the game how well, or how badly, his team was doing, each captain would have little information upon which to base his decisions. A team score, constantly updated, instantly tells the captains:

  • during the event, who is ahead, and by how much, and

  • at the end, who won and by how much
    And so it is in business. Instead of tracking the number of runs scored, businesses need to constantly track money.

    GN4 Solutions have rightly built up a reputation for looking at business accounting needs, and establishing systems that meet them efficiently and effectively. There is also the knock-on effect of being able to pass year-end documentation on to accountants in a more orderly fashion - which helps to keep their fees down! And it provides a solid background for a quick and accurate payroll facility to be bolted on.

    It may be that a business has run a manual book-keeping system - but the accounting technician responsible reaches retirement age. This is an ideal situation for switching over to a computerised package.

    Or the business-owner themselves has tried to computerise, but, without the necessary skills, they have discovered that whilst it may be easy to satisfactorily record say 80% of the transactions without any formal training, unless the remainder are recorded properly then any figures produced (including those called for when completing the VAT return) are going to be compromised. GN4 Solutions have been called in on a number of such situations - and we proceed to do what we are good at; and business owners can return to doing what they are good at.

    If you are based within/around the Manchester M60 ring-road,
    we are happy to offer ...

    With this service, for an agreed fixed monthly/ quarterly fee, we can pick up your books, turn them into management information, and deliver them back to your doorstep.

    In addition, if required, we can complete your VAT returns, and look after your sales invoicing, credit control, and purchase ledger duties.

    Need more? For payroll ...

    Interested in taking things further?

    and email your details to us; one of our customer service representatives
    will contact you.

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