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About Us

GN4's roots trace back to 2001 - when we established the business primarily to bring the advantages of IT development (previously only enjoyed to the full by medium/large corporates) to smaller concerns.

Computerised accounting and IT networking were the first two services offered, soon followed by business planning. A couple of years later we expanded into vehicle leasing by partnering with a leading provider of vehicle finance solutions, and thus instantly tapped into their many years' experience in this particular field.

More recently, and in response to client demand, we made arrangements to add a
hosted web-building service to our portfolio; to be followed only a few months ago by GN4cast - a service which verifies accounting data for the developing business, before turning it into meaningful monthly management information. It also records the information for use in any planning/forecasting exercise.


We operate from our offices in South Manchester. However, using a variety of technologies we can service clients' needs almost anywhere in the North of England/Midlands regions.

Our Mission

Our Mission is to 'bring organisation and efficiency to developing businesses; and help them make effective use of their resources' - not just to aid survival, but to provide the best chance of a prosperous future.

We believe that ...

  • Sound planning, accompanied by professionally managed administrative and financial systems (all supported by robust technological implementations) are the basis for any successful business.
  • Sales, cost containment and customer service levels are linked directly to the efficiency and effectiveness of the organisation.
  • There are few, if any, markets which stand still these days. Businesses have to run just to maintain position - and this means not only being aware of the need to change, but actually implementing new/updated practices to enable smarter working. This must be carried out within an orderly framework.


'GN4 Solutions', 'GN4cast', 'Accounts on Wheels' and 'wwwebsites4all' are all trading names of GN4 Business Solutions Ltd.

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